View Full Version : Armored Task Force preview available at Warfare HQ

Dr Zaius
31 Aug 02, 07:08
Don't miss the Armored Task Force preview available on the main Warfare HQ page. You can find it on the Reviews-Previews page.

Enjoy. :D

Gary Owen
01 Sep 02, 00:50
Nice review. I downloaded the ATF demo about a week or so ago. Although I don't fully know how to take advantage of it yet (I'm sure that it will be full explained in the manual), I like the fact that you can choose to which echelon of command that you give orders, from individual vehicles up to company.

I purchased BCT about a month or so ago, I haven't had the chance to play any MP. If anybody here is interested in BCT multiplay let me know.

Dr Zaius
01 Sep 02, 07:31
I may be interested in some multiplayer when I get the full version.

04 Sep 02, 10:55
I would loveto try ATF when it comes out. I will keep an eye out for postings here.