View Full Version : Squad battles?

07 Jan 05, 08:05
Seeing the PC and MC aare now o parts of WARS, any chance that Squad Battles might get a ladder?

07 Jan 05, 11:24
It all about demand. If enough guys want to play it then it could get it's own ladder. I see this question crop up now and then with regards to the SB series.

How many of you guys "really would" play SB here at WHQ on WARS? Would anyone be interested in running a an SB section? (not that I am offering anybody one as I can't make that call but it is the natural progression around here.) If no one will run a "section" you probably will not see a game on the ladder.

07 Jan 05, 12:11
What does it take to "run" a section? I'm quite pressed for time. Its ard to judge whether I could do it or not without knowing what it entails.

07 Jan 05, 20:51
This will give some idea.

Also this: