View Full Version : Squad Battles

Joao Lima
11 Dec 04, 11:02
Can a Squad Battles discussion fit on this sub-forum?

11 Dec 04, 13:25
I don't see why not, it's another series of HPS superb wargames.

11 Dec 04, 19:38
Long live SB!

13 Dec 04, 12:40
I'd like to see SB get a ladder here and its own discussion forum. Great games!

Joao Lima
13 Dec 04, 16:49
IS anyone isterested in playtesting a little scenario I converted from ASL? It's for 'Eagles Strike' with the British (and French) Add-on.

13 Dec 04, 19:10

Try the Blitz forum and ladder.

Dr Zaius
14 Dec 04, 15:01
We would only consider adding it to the ladder if there is sufficient interest.

14 Dec 04, 15:58
I've never played one of these. How do they play? Any similarities to PzC as far as the mechanics, etc? I'm considering getting one of them, but I'd like some feedback before I buy.