View Full Version : New guy here checking in

20 Mar 03, 22:43
Good evening gents.
I am the newbest of newbies here.
Just bought BTC Commander and recieved it two days ago.
Long time CMBO player and WWII finatic but this is my first plunge into modern warfare strat games.

Look forward to playing with you all maybe a month from now when i learn all the in game terminology :rolleyes:

One question i have about this totally awesome game is.
Will we see a map maker at some point where we can make maps? Just curious

Thanks alot guys and please if you ever feel like hopping on Roger Wilco or Teamspeak with a newb and help him learn look me up




21 Mar 03, 13:53

There is work underway exploring the possibility of a somekind of map editor for Armored Task Force. BCTC is the predecessor.

You can do alot of editing in BCTC, including minor editing of maps. You can add terrain like forrest, rivers, roads, buildings, etc. However, it's at a cost of CPU power. There is also a database editor (something the ATF community impatiently awaits) that allow you to add and modify vehicles and teams. Though the editors are still quite limited.

The maps in BCT are not extremely accurate to my understanding. They could be used to represent a number of locations. So it's very possible for you to take a map from NTC and make it Afghanistan. (Though there are several Afghanistan maps already included.)

If you have any questions, please fill free to ask, and welcome.