View Full Version : What you didn't know about Wargamer.com

Pat Proctor
17 Mar 03, 23:02

The following is a public service warning to grognards everywhere. Please distribute as widely as possible.

You may have heard the announcement, from Mario Kroll, that he sold Wargamer.com to MilitaryGamerOnline.com.

What you might not have heard is that he sold Wargamer.com to David Heath. True, David Heath IS the owner of MilitaryGamerOnline.com.

However, David Heath is the SAME David Heath of Matrix Games.

Which means that Wargamer.com and MilitaryGamerOnline.com are BOTH mouthpieces for Matrix Game.

I just thought that it was everybody's right to know before they spent their hard-earned wargaming dollar based on reviews they read at either site.

We should make them do the "Time Warner, also the parent company of CNN" blurb like they do on TV:dead:

18 Mar 03, 06:23
Thanks for that head's up. The revelation doesn't mean wargamer.com can't be objective in their reviews. (You never said they couldn't be either.) However, there is a clear conflict of interest.

Pat Proctor
18 Mar 03, 12:16
Did I mention that this is now my favorite wargaming site:D

Here's to Maddog and the last of the independents!