View Full Version : Demo and Documentation?

28 Jan 03, 23:20

I wasn't impressed with the BCT I once bought and now downloaded the demo for ATF.

I seem to miss any kind of playing instructions, the only text document I see is the Beta release fixes notes.

I don't see any documentation for download either. Anything I miss here?

30 Jan 03, 18:22
To my knowledge, no. However, you might want to ask CPT Proctor. He might have an electronic version of the manual.

Pat Proctor
31 Jan 03, 19:30
The help file is very extensive. Just hit F1 during game play, click on the BCT help icon, or hit Shift + F1 and click on a button or object in the interface for help.

You can also get help at:


Pat Proctor
01 Feb 03, 12:42
I just read the thread again and realized you were asking about ATF, rather than BCT.

All of the first paragraph applies. I especially recommend that you open the ATF help file from the start menu and read the introductory pages.