View Full Version : Looking for a little help: potential opening for an additional WFHQ staff member

Dr Zaius
19 Jan 03, 03:30
As most of you know by now I'll be out of the net for an extended period (don't know how long) due to real life events. As a result I am looking at several different options for maintaining the Military Simulations section while I am gone.

The first option I am looking at is adding an Assistant Section Leader for this section. The person should be prepared to do this long term because I don't want someone who is going to lose interest after a month. Should play at least one of the games we include in the Military Simulations section and be somewhat familiar with what the others are about. A working understanding of basic html or experience with a webpage is a huge plus.

Basically, there isn't that much that "must" be done on a regular basis for the section as it has a small number of fans and updates to the ladder are infrequent. There is a lot, however, that a motivated staff member could contribute in the form of AARs, articles, etc.

If you think you might be interested in becoming a Warfare HQ staff member and you think you have the basic qualifications to handle it, please contact me. I don't have much time before I leave, so if you are interested you need to respond fairly quickly. Also, I should mention that all staff positions at Warfare HQ - including mine - are unpaid volunteer positions. We do this stuff because we love it and want to contribute to the wargaming community.