View Full Version : BCT Commander/ATF

16 Apr 04, 14:38
Does anyone out there (with military experience) play BCT Commander or ATF (by Shrapnel Games)? I just started to mess around with it and wondered whether there was a big community of BCT or AFT gamers out there? whether they think it is realistic, pros, cons, etc. I am hoping to use it (or something like it) as a research tool to examine how military commanders manage the battlefield uncertainties. I am a doctoral student interested in the development of information systems to support Cdr assessment, visualization, and decision making. I am looking for a Bde/Bn level, (near)real time simulation that can be hooked up in a lab (in other words doesn't require huge infrastructure), games seem to be a good option, but I am worried about the validity/realism of these games. Any thoughts?