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18 Dec 02, 22:35
I'm working on an article for BCT and ATF. It focuses on effective planning in the game. Topics to be included are as follows:

1. Principles of Combat
2. Definition of Risk and Gamble
3. Strength/weakness of infantry, helicopter, armor, etc
4. Action Tenets
5. Military Decision-Making Process Model (game tailored)
7. Steps for Mission Analysis (game tailored)
8. Analyzing the OPORD
9. Analyzing the Terrain
10. Developing COAs
11. Task Organization consideration
12. Planning Continuum
13. Rehearsals (focusing on breaching ops and passing one element through another.)

The ideal is to provide a more indepth explanation for planning in both games. I will taylor the article to gameplay, but use real world tactics. I've done the research and will begin writing the article soon. I just wanted to see if I forgot anything in the outline.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Dr Zaius
19 Jan 03, 03:35
How is the article going?

20 Jan 03, 09:49
The article on a backburner for the immediate future. I am completely two scenarios and a fix for Raid on Afghanistan. Moggy found a small problem with the equipment. I decided to create a more accurate depiction of OPERATION: RHINO. Niether are slants on ProSim. The little problem with scenario is easily fixable. And when Raid on Kandahar was created, there was little information available about the Ranger/SOF assault.

You can read about all of it here:


However, articles are important to players. So the notepad isn't far from my desk ;)