View Full Version : help getting started

10 Dec 02, 19:39
:) I can see I'm Gonna need alota help here

11 Dec 02, 07:36
Well, just post your problems, and we'll do what we can. The developer of both BCT and ATF is here, as well as some other people who can answer questions.

Don't get discouraged. Once you learn the game interface, things become easier. If you have ATF, you'll find you are in complete control of your entire force, and can give them realistic orders and watch them carry it out. Both games require you to make the right decisions, at the right time, and in the right situation. You'll have to learn how to make rapid, yet, informed decisions throughout the fight. This is particularly true in ATF where the enemy appears more intelligent and determined to win.

Anyhow, whatever questions you have, just post them. I check the site daily (sometimes several times a day). And there are others around as well. So your questions should be answered quickly.

12 Dec 02, 18:34
Originally posted by ducky
To fight alone is to die, to ask for help is to live to fight another day.

I really appreciate the guick responce to help me to all I say thanks. I need to get some games so I can appreciate what you people are into. ducky :)