View Full Version : Screen Flashes

30 Nov 02, 01:26
Just started with BCTC. I notice when I click on the units or use the arrow keys to move around the map..the screen flashes white. As if the program is redrawing the entire map all the time..this is quite annoying after about the first few minutes...any suggestions on how to stop this from happening.

Pat Proctor
30 Nov 02, 17:38
The best solution is to optomize your graphics by reducing the color depth. This causes windows to require less memory to store and draw the screen (pushing less bits equals faster draws). Let me know if this doesn't help.

01 Dec 02, 01:15
No this didn't really help. I have a fairly good machine:
1.1 Ghz Cel4
512 mbRam
64 Mb vid GeF2

It is certainly not a game play problem, just a nuisance. The whole screen flashes white quite a bit. when i move the box in the big map, and then also when I click on units to get info etc...

i set color to 16 bit, but it seems to be an issue with the way the map is being drawn. I am starting to get used to it, just wondering if there is any setting to get rid of this.

thanks for the prompt reply!