View Full Version : How effective is real artillery vs armor?

Dr Zaius
29 Nov 02, 13:10
I'm curious about the effects of modern day artillery on MBT's. I've played several scenarios where the Red player has creamed some of my M1's with accurate artillery missions. How effective would Soviet artillery be against modern US MBT's in real life?

Black Moria
02 Dec 02, 10:14
HE is not very effective against armored vehicles, unless you get a direct hit or a very near miss. However, the blast and fragmentation effects can destroy external mounted stores, blow off radio attennas, and damage optics, rangefinders, etc.

DPICM and BBDPICM is more effective against armored vehicles and this is probably what the OPFOR is using against you. The munitions use a small shaped charge to defeat the top armor of vehicles, which is why you will see photographs of T80 and other vehicles with reactive armor on the top of the turret.

If my memory recalls, the DPICM shaped charge can penetrate 4 inches of top armor.

And since we are discussing artillery vs vehicles, in the event that Cpt Proctor reads this - whatever happened to SADARM? Last I heard, it was in development but that was some years ago. Did it ever make it into inventory of the US military or did the project get cancelled at some point.

Pat Proctor
02 Dec 02, 12:58
SADARM is dead:cry: